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Looking for materials to grow closer to God with your family, small group, neighbors, or through self-study?

Check out the materials we have below created by our pastors, staff, and church leaders in recent years!


"Immerse" is a devotional series developed by Pastor Peter Thompson as a part of his Doctoral Research Class and final program project. The devotional is a 12 part series designed as an alternative form of worship when the ability to be present at church has been impacted due to stay at home orders, a weekend soccer tournament, weekend theater competition, or other activity. Each part of the series can be completed in one setting or it can be broken down over the course of a couple of days.


First Presbyterian Church is blessed with 15 beautiful stained-glass windows located throughout the church. Come join in a study of the life of Christ and Church history as shown through our very own stained-glass windows. The section below details each of the windows by their location in the Sanctuary, Chapel, Narthex, and Front Vestibule.  Enjoy your exploration of the beauty of these windows, the telling of Christ's story, and the historical context behind them all!

FPCLY Stained Glass Window Study Book


Front Left Sanctuary Window: Upper Medallion, Adoration of the Shepherds

Middle Left Sanctuary Window: Upper Medallion, Jesus in the Temple

Front Left Sanctuary Window: Upper Medallion, Prophecy Fulfilled

Middle Left Sanctuary Window: Lower Medallion, John Knox

Front Left Sanctuary Window: Lower Medallion, Martin Luther

Back Left Sanctuary Window: Upper Medallion, The Baptism of Jesus

Back Left Sanctuary Window: Lower Medallion, William Tyndale

Second Right Sanctuary Window: Upper Medallion, Christ on the Cross

Third Right Sanctuary Window: Lower Medallion, Francis Makemie

Back Right Sanctuary Window: Upper Medallion, Christ Healing the Blind Man

Second Right Sanctuary Window: Lower Medallion, William Carey

Front Right Sanctuary Window: Upper Medallion, The Ascension of Christ

Back Right Sanctuary Window: Lower Medallion, The Huguenots

Third Right Sanctuary Window: Upper Medallion, The Resurrection of Jesus Christ

Front Right Sanctuary Window: Lower Medallion, Beginnings of Presbyterian Education

Sanctuary Transfiguration Window

Sanctuary Garden of Gethsemane Window

Left Narthex Window: Mary at the Tomb

Middle Narthex Window: Christ at the Door

Right Front Entrance Vestibule Window: First Miracle at Cana

Right Narthex Window: Jesus the Good Shepherd

Chapel Window: Christ with the Children

Left Front Entrance Vestibule Window: The House of the Lord


We are invited to build our faith on a strong foundation of God's truth and promises.  This study of God's promises as shared through scriptures and Max Lucado's Unshakable Hope: Building our lives on the promises of God offers us reminders of God's goodness and faithfulness and encourages us to stand firm on God's hope and redemption. Click the buttons below for an overview of each class!


Our God of Hope: Making All Things New

God's Great and Precious Promises

You Are Stamped with God's Image

God Will Win the Victory

An Heir of God

Your Prayers Have Power

Grace for the Humble

God Gets You

Christ Is Praying for You

No Condemnation

The Temporary Tomb

Joy is Soon Coming

You Will Have Power

Justice Will Prevail

Unbreakable Promises, Unshakable Hope


The Anxious for Nothing study is centered on the God of Hope, the maker of all things new, who sustains us with His great and precious promises. In this series, you will deepen your discovery and understanding of God's promise to free us from anxiety and fear through the scriptures.  Max Lucado's work Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World was our guide. Click the buttons below for an overview and noted from each class!


Less Fret, More Faith

Rejoice in the Lord's Sovereignty

Rejoice in the Lord's Mercy

Rejoice in the Lord Always

Contagious Calm

Prayer, Not Despair

Great Gratitude

The Peace of God

Think About What You Think About

Cling to Jesus


Jesus' Resurrection Tour


During an Encounter Worship Sunday, we explored the story of the Good Samaritan in traditional and experiential worship. At the conclusion of the pastor's message, the community was invited to experience this same story at various stations throughout the building inviting discussion and reflection around the topics of relationships, justice, and service. We adapted the "in person" encounter experience into an at home version linked through the button below.



Sabbath rest has been a discussion point in our church community over the last couple of years and the focus of retreats and workshops.  Sabbath is a gift from God and an opportunity for us to draw closer to Him.  See the resource below as a devotional you can use to discover, learn, and grow as an individual or family!

Catch your breath Sabbath book cover


Prayer is more than eyes closed, hands clasped, and reverent words. Prayer can take many forms! Spring 2022 we offered a prayer resource during Lent shared by familyministrytools.org that partnered short scripture readings with interactive prayers.  Listed below are the 7 interactive prayers and their support tools.  It is a resource designed for the Lenten season; however, many of the prayers carry messages that work the whole year through.

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