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Bible Sponsorship Program

The Bible Sponsorship Program (BSP) is an opportunity for us as a community of faith to get God’s Word into the hands of our children and youth continually as they grow and develop.  We have created a package of six different Bibles to be given to the children and youth from the time they are born to the time they graduate high school.  We invite you, your family, or small group to come alongside a Child of God in our church community by donating a full sponsorship of $125 to the BSP.

Bibles are given at the stages of birth, preschool, 3rd grade, 5th grade, 8th/9th grade (or as a part of Confirmation class), and high school graduation.

Will you help us get the Word of God into the hands of our children and youth?



"Immerse" is a devotional series developed by Pastor Peter Thompson as a part of his Doctoral Research Class and final program project. The devotional is a 12 part series designed as an alternative form of worship when the ability to be present at church has been impacted due to stay at home orders, a weekend soccer tournament, weekend theater competition, or other activity. Each part of the series can be completed in one setting or it can be broken down over the course of a couple of days.

Spiritual Growth @ FPCLY

Our Spiritual Growth Committee honors the mission statement of “celebrating God’s grace and inspiring the next generation for Christ” and works together, meeting monthly to ensure our opportunities, events, and goals align truly to “celebrate” and “inspire.” 

To find out more about Spiritual Growth opportunities at FPCLY or to get involved in teaching, planning, or implementing, please contact Kathleen Lifsey (Director of Children’s and Youth Ministries).

Our Mission

Celebrating God’s grace, Inspiring the next generation for Christ… each and every day!!!

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