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Village communities of Kalikumbi, Embangweni, and Mtuzuzu

Malawi, Africa


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September 2021 Update.  Photos of a bounty of farmland ready for harvest and kids and adults in masks for COVID protection.

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For over 20 years, FPCLY has poured into the hearts and lives of community members in the Kalikumbi and Embangweni communities and Mtuzuzu Orphanage in one of the world’s poorest countries of Malawi in southern Africa.  For years, we have sent mission teams and resources to assist with spiritual growth of the Kalikumbi Church (also known as the Lynchburg Prayer House in honor of FPCLY), classroom education, construction projects, food and water relief, medical needs, and so much more.  We have helped provide a valuable education and an empowered future to children throughout the region.  We have taken computers, soccer balls, arts and crafts supplies, games, our hearts, and most importantly the Gospel message and biblical lessons to our friends in Malawi.  We have helped support the construction of a church, orphanage, and multiple schools (primary and secondary).  In the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been able to provide resources to support food insecurity and the making of cloth masks to help stop the spread.

You may have heard the names John and Florence Gondwe.  Perhaps you’ve seen or met them at church.  John has been the lead pastor at the church we support in the Kalikumbi region of Malawi.  In more recent years, he has influenced and represented the Kalikumbi Church through involvement with the Synod and General Assembly of the greater Malawi churches. We have walked alongside John for years assisting with furthering his education and assisting him as he built up the church.  We have helped empower him, which has helped to empower many other men, women, and children in the community.

On odd numbered years, we host an international mission trip to Malawi to continue to strengthen and build our relationships with the leaders and communities there.  If you are interested in joining a trip, please contact our Service and Outreach Committee Chair, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 Sports Outreach





 Not only to we partner alongside Sports Outreach at the local level, FPCLY also serves alongside the organization and its El Salvador mission field!  In El Salvador, we support the provision of food and supplies for a special needs orphanage called Vito Guarato.  In El Salvador, individuals with special needs are often left behind and seen as a detriment to society.  Many of the individuals at the orphanage were left at the hospital or brought to the orphanage for appropriate care.  God’s light and love are truly present in the hearts and smiles of the 60 plus men, women, and children who live there!  In the near future, we’d like to get more deeply engaged with Sports Outreach’s Lynchburg based soccer, basketball, and chess ministry programs!

Sports Outreach serves on the sports field through the avenues of sports like soccer, chess, and basketball to gain trust and develop relationships with men, women, and children.  After relationships have developed, indigenous leaders step off the field and deeply into the lives of individuals through mentoring and discipleship.  At the heart of all Sports Outreach activities is the sharing of Christ’s love and Gospel message.


MBF Medical Missions






The Medical Benevolence Foundation is an international medical missions organization whose mission is to provide hope and healing around the world by healing the sick AND proclaiming the Gospel!  They provide hands on medical relief as well as provide education for communities at the basic level as well as supporting the development of medical professionals worldwide.

Missionary Partners

 Did you know that First Presbyterian has a long history of supporting PCUSA missionaries and their work throughout the world? We have faithfully and diligently provided financial support to these dedicated persons and their families through our Service & Outreach Committee for more than 40 years. The opportunity to build relationships and encourage missionaries who are living and serving in mission fields is powerful.


Michael and Rachel Ludwig


Michael and Rachel Ludwig - Niger

Michael and Rachel Ludwig and their three children are currently serving in the Republic of Niger (Africa). Niger is often called the gateway between North Africa and sub-Sharan Africa. It is one of the continent’s most impoverished countries and is at the bottom of the UN’s human development index. Fewer than 50 percent of children are enrolled in school. Only 30 percent of the people in Niger can read and write. Nigerians seeking literacy skills often approach pastors, typically the most educated people in their communities, for assistance. The pastors want to help, but they usually need to improve their skills as literacy trainers. Michael helps pastors raise their proficiency as literature teachers.

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Jim and Jodi McGill


Jim McGill (Livingstonia Water Project) - Niger

Jim and his family were previously in Malawi working with indigenous community members to provide viable safe water options, clean water education, and trainings.  Over his many years in Malawi, Jim and his family have faithfully served and empowered the Malawian people on practices to improve their health through clean water and hygiene.  In 2019, his family was transferred to Niger to take what he has learned about clean water practices in impoverished communities in Malawi and share it elsewhere.

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