Nursery Care Provider

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                    Kim Ryan


Kim has been a valuable asset to our nursery care team since 2020 working in an as needed capacity.  Kim enjoys reading, gardening, walking, and trying new things like traveling to new places and cooking new recipes.  She works part time at Kroger in the E-Commerce department (pickup orders) and in the floral department.  She's a master with a vase and flowers in hand.  She choose to serve alongside God's children because she believes, "These children are our world's hope; and by helping them to become soldiers for Jesus, it leads towards a brighter future for our world.  I love being a small part of that journey!"  We love having Kim be a part of that journey for you and your family and are excited for her to serve as a consistent face in the nursery on Sundays throughout the year!

Our Mission

Celebrating God’s grace, Inspiring the next generation for Christ… each and every day!!!

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