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PLAY: Re-Creating Joy

There is no limit to the amount of joy one can experience in life and there may not be anything more joyful than getting together with the people you love and enjoy being around.

The Congregational Life committee takes the experience of re-creating joy very seriously and invites you to be a part.  There are lots of opportunities throughout the year to engage in fellowship with others from FPCLY.  Everyone is always welcome to join in the fun and we look forward to seeing everyone soon!!!


Coffee Café

When:    Sunday Mornings from 9:30- 10 a.m.

Where:   Officer’s Room

What:     Reg. and Decaf Coffee, Hot Tea, Juice, Light Breakfast Foods

Great time and place to gather following early worship, before Spiritual Growth classes, or just to sit and unwind in casual conversation.


Lemonade and Cookies

When:   Sunday after Worship @ Noon

Where:   Narthex

What:     Lemonade, Juice, Coffee, Pick up Snacks

Great time and place to greet others and catch up following worship.


Breakfasts, Picnics, and Other Feasts

Annual Summer Picnic:

May 19, 2019

Spark Sunday Breakfast:

September 8th

Chirstmas Breakfast:

December 15th




Family Fun

FPC Ice Cream Night @ Maelynn's: June 23rd 5pm, July 21st 5pm, August 18 5pm

FPC Night with the Hillcats: July 22nd 6PM



Men’s Fellowship

When:   Second Wednesday of the Month (Sept- April)

Who:     Men and Women invited…

Where:  Fellowship Hall

  • 6 pm: Gathering/ Fellowship
  • 6:30 pm: Catered Dinner- $10 per adult
  • 7 pm: Special Program (Varies each month)

*Sign up each month in the Foyer near Church Office*

For more information regarding specific details of events, or to find out how you can help be a part of the planning and/or implementation of Congregational Life events, please contact the Church Office or personally reach out to Jim Cleland (Chair ’17) or the staff.

Our Mission

Celebrating God’s grace, Inspiring the next generation for Christ… each and every day!!!

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