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marie daughtery director weekday school

At FPCLY Since: 1987

Education: Bachelor of Science (Home Economics Education) @ Radford College, Radford, VA

Family: Lynchburg native, Baptized and raised in home church- Chestnut Hill Baptist Taz (spouse)… Married in 1972, celebrate 45th wedding anniversary this August 3 daughters, 2 sons-in-law, 2 grandsons (ages 6 and 1) and 1 granddaughter (age 4)

Favorite Scripture: Psalm 121My maternal grandmother often read this psalm (one of her favorites)

Hobbies/ Interests: Gardening and tending to my koi pond, Quilting and sewing, Cooking, Playing piano (for my own pleasure), Walking with my Sheltie, Dolley, Traveling with my husband


I have worked at FPC because I have felt that it was where I was sincerely called to use my talents to help make learning fun for young children and to make a difference in their lives. I never thought that I would have had such a long tenure at the Weekday School, but I fell in love with the school, its mission, the church, and the children. It has been my passion for all these years and I hope I have made a difference in the loves of the children who have entered these doors. I sincerely believe it has been my true calling. I am most proud of our school because over 25 years ago we began early inclusion in our classrooms so that all children could receive a quality education. I have a wonderful staff of caring, loving, and nurturing teachers who love working with young children. I thoroughly enjoy knowing all of my little friends, working with them during music class, presenting chapel messages, and planning all activities and events for our school. I love what I do because of my deep love for children. They are all gifts from God. Each one is so unique and so precious. I enjoy their smiles, their hugs, their stories, and yes, even their tears. Leaning is fun for them, and I enjoy seeing their faces each and every day. My job is so rewarding to now see former students coming to the Weekday School with their own children. This tells me that we made a memory for them years ago.

Did You Know: I dearly love animals, but I have a deep fear of snakes because when I was 2-3 years old, one crawled up my stroller and around my neck while my mother was working in the yard? My mother screamed, took the snake off me, but the emotional scar remains!


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Celebrating God’s grace, Inspiring the next generation for Christ… each and every day!!!

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